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Qualified Career Change Counsellors can provide guidance on everything you need to consider when changing your career

A change of career can be daunting at the best of times, no matter how long you’ve been in a particular role, most humans fear change and moving into a new career pathway is no different.

There is a lot to consider when changing careers, especially when experience and relevant qualifications come into play. Aside from allowing yourself not be overcome with grief and confusion, it is also important to weigh up all the positives that can occur with career changes, and embrace what it can mean to pursue something that you are truly passionate about.

The reasons for a career change can be vast and different for each individual. They can range from family and personal reasons, through to changes in perspective, getting passed over for promotions, fear about your industry, changing skill-set’s and even down to a simple requirement for more money.

We discuss these reasons in more depth in this blog post ‘8 Reasons You Need An Immediate Career Change In 2018

Either way there is a lot to consider, and our experienced Career Change Practitioners are here to counsel you through these decisions, and discuss what is best for you, your family, you finance, your health and much more.

You shouldn’t make a change unless it is for the right reasons that suit what YOU are trying to achieve. The best way to uncover this is by booking in for a career change counselling session today at the Career Development Centre.

Find out more about what is discussed during a career discussion is here

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