Individual Career Session Length

1st Session 1.5 hours

2nd Session 1 hour

Individual sessions are unique but may include some of the following:

  • Understanding motivations and aspirations for change
  • Taking charge of your career-building process
  • Understanding how to enhance your strengths, skills and knowledge
  • Managing any fears associated with changing careers
  • Understanding how skills can be transferable
  • Career assessment and career decision making
  • Locate and use effective career information
  • Identification of educational and training options
  • Resume writing and cover letter development
  • Selection criteria writing
  • Knowing where and how to access reliable career information
  • Interview preparation and follow up information
  • Knowing what working conditions we want for ourselves
  • Managing stress at work
  • Determining the value/importance of work for ourselves
  • Knowing how to solve interpersonal problems
  • Knowing how to plan for and apply coping strategies or new career scenarios during transitional periods (e.g. starting a family, retirement, or losing a job)
  • Incorporate life/work balance into the career building process
  • Explore non-traditional life and work options
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