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Career & Mental Health Conversations Podcast

The Careers & Mental Health Conversations Podcast discusses a range of topics focused on the modern work environment, career guidance & mental health in Australia

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2019 Episodes

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Episode 38 – Our Focus In 2019 – More On The Topics, People & Stories We Want To Cover & Share

We are back in 2019, and in our first podcast we run through just a little bit about some of the topics we want to focus on and share more about who we want to hear from.

We look forward to speaking with more amazing people and covering the hot and relevant topics in career and mental health in Australia and across the World

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 39 – How To Respond To Someone That Opens Up To You About Their Mental Illness

Tina runs through the different ways that you can acknowledge and respond to someone that confides in you that they have a mental health illness and may need support

Episode 40 – It’s Reality TV Season – Are Some Of The Contestants Setup For Failure? Friday Rant

In our first Friday Rant for 2019, Pat & Sally discuss some of the things they have noticed in regards to contestants on reality tv shows, and ask if they are equipped to deal with the backlash, including bullying, trolling, public shaming, online smear campaigns and the potential impact to their mental health.

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 41 – Heather Gibson – From Broken To Bodybuilding At 40+ – Her Story Of Mental Health Recovery

Heather Gibson, the founder of ‘Live Life Limitless’ shares her story of mental health recovery and talks about her experience suffering a mental health breakdown at the age of 40 to becoming an athlete by the age of 42.

Learn more about Heather and her journey at:

Episode 42 – James Hill – Mental Health Advocate At Energy QLD & Beyond Blue Speaker

James Hill is one of Australia’s first ever full time Mental Health Advocates, working for Energy QLD helping put in positive mental health programs and training for their employees.

James is also a passionate speaker for Beyond Blue, and talks to Tina bout how his role came about, his day to day duties, working with Aaron (who helped co-create the role), helping roll out ‘Mates In Energy’ and much more.

james hill mental health advocate