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The Careers & Mental Health Conversations Podcast discusses a range of topics focused on the modern work environment, career guidance & mental health in Australia

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2018 Episodes

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Episode 1 – Meet Tina Winchester & find out about her passion for Mental Health services & the importance of Mental Health training in our workplaces

In our first episode, we introduce our Director of Mental Health, Tina Winchester. Tina has over 25 years’ experience working in Mental Health services throughout Australia and the UK. Tina share some stories about her experience in working in mental health, as well as informing us about the importance of Australian businesses introducing Mental Health and Employee Assistance Programs, whilst providing an overview on the increasingly popular Mental Health First Aid Course

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 2 – Meet Sally Healey & find out about her passion for positive career development, embracing change & identifying trends in Australian workplaces

Sally Healey is a passionate Career Development Practitioner who provides high level consulting to companies across Australia in respect to Career Development. Sally also speaks regularly at events and seminars across about the current state of our workforce, training institutes  and the need to embrace change in respect to careers and technology.

Episode 3 – Paul Rasmussen on the importance of being happy in your career, taking your time to choose the right career path, talent stacking, career breaks & more

Paul talks to our CEO, Sally Healey, about a range of current careers based topics including the importance of being happy in your career, taking the time to explore all your options post school, advice if you get stuck in a rut, talent stacking, writing good cover letters and much more.

career development association brisbane

Episode 4 – Friday Rant – Why are we still using National Mental Health Data from 2007??!!

In our first edition of the Friday Rant, Tina & Pat ask why are we still using data from 2007 for our Nations current Mental Health statistics? We also run through our response to Mental Health funding in the budget and the need for more after care services

Episode 5 – Sheryl Batchelor – Understanding Neuroplasticity & how to rewire your brain for personal & career success

Sheryl Batchelor has a Master’s in Education and is a Global speaker on Neuroplasticity & rewiring your brain for success. Over the last eight years, Sheryl has trialed several evidence-based programs based on the principles of neuroplasticity that can help people overcome learning and emotional difficulties.

In today’s episode Sheryl helps us understand what Neuroplasticity is, who it is suited to and what are the likely outcomes from undertaking scientifically validated brain health programs. You will learn about programs proven to sharpen thinking, focus attention, inspire creativity, lessen stress and improve productivity.

This is a great listen for anyone who would love to know more about how to rewire your brain to achieve better personal, life and career outcomes

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 6 – Chris Nunn, OAM -Is a highly regarded leadership speaker & renowned Australian Athletics Coach, who talks about leadership & coaching in the modern workforce

Chris is an experienced leadership coach who has worked as the High Performance Manager of the Australian Paralympics Committee & received the Order of Australia Medal in 2002.

He is motivated by getting the best out of people and he recently spoke with our CEO, Sally Healey, about changes he sees occurring in our current workforce, the need for our younger generations to explore and find their true interests, interview tips, what current leaders need to understand about younger workers as well as give advice to future leaders.

Episode 7 – Be Careful when using unqualified Career Counsellors

This weeks Friday 5 Minute Rant, we tell you the important things to look for when choosing your Career Counsellor or Coach, and discuss a worrying trend emerging based on feedback from people using unqualified Counsellors.

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 8 – Fabe Keily the Founder & CEO of Real Woman Global discusses what women starting a business need to consider

Fabe Keily of Real Woman Global, talks to Sally Healey  about a broad range of topics focused on women in our workforce, including the large number of women starting their own businesses, the challenges they face, keys for planning and preparation, support, the imposter syndrome and much more

This a must listen for all women wanting to start a business who are entrepreneurs

Can you learn more about Fabe and her business at

Episode 9 -Wesley Vasile – Co-founder of the Mental Awareness Foundation, dealing with grief from suicide & why he created the ‘Walk for Awareness’

Wesley Vasile talks to Tina about his experience in dealing with close friends who have lost their lives to Mental Health, why he started the Mental Awareness Foundation and the ‘Walk for Awareness which is surging in popularity, meeting the Brisbane Broncos and how we can all look out for each other, deal with Mental Health in the workplace and keep positive.

Mental Awareness Foundation:

Walk For Awareness:

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 10 – Where are all the Mentors at?

In this weeks Friday Rant, Tina rants to Amy about her recent trouble trying to find a mentor for one of her clients, from so called experienced and entrepreneurial role models who proclaim to want to help their fellow women in need

Episode 11 -Mitch McPherson – Founder of the Stay ChatTY, a Suicide & Mental Health Awareness Organisation who share his story on personal grief & motivation to start such a wonderful not for profit organisation.

Mitch McPherson founded Stay ChatTY after he tragically lost his brother, Ty, to suicide in 2013. Tina talks to Mitch about what he has been through, why talking about suicide and ‘speaking up’ is so important and how we can all keep an eye on each other, and most importantly, speak to each other and recognise the warning signs. This is an emotional yet powerful episode on the importance of talking about and creating more awareness around Mental Health.

Stay ChatTY Organisation:

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 12 – Friday Rant – Can’t Find Your Ideal Career? Think Outside The Box!

In this week’s Friday Rant Amy & Pat discuss the new types of careers that are emerging, and how some of the newest jobs that are highly sought after, weren’t ever around 10 years ago. If you cannot find your ideal career, is it time to start thinking outside the box?

Episode 13 – Nerissa Chaux – Co Founder of FiltaGlobal on modern careers & the evolution of the workforce

Nerissa Chaux from FiltaGlobal talks to us about the ‘evolution of the Australian workforce.’ We discuss everything from changing careers trends, understanding & working with Millenials, the benefits of off-shoring as well as deep diving into Nerissa’s deep love for her job of helping Australian businesses flourish..

This is must listen and Nerissa brings heaps of energy and passion to our conversation

For more information about FiltaGlobal, visit

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 14 – Friday Rant – Hey Boomers, Stop Whinging About Millennials & Start Mentoring Them!

Sally Healey joins the Friday Rant this week to discuss how frustrated she is at Baby Boomers always whinging & ranting about Millennials. She thinks their time is better spent speaking with them & offering mentoring. Listen up, its a good one

Episode 15 – The Mental Health First Aid Podcast –

We tell you everything that you need to know about the Mental Health First Aid Course. Find out what is involved, how long it runs for, who it is suited to, what to expect, how to find out more information and why you should do it.. This is the episode to give you everything you ever wanted to know about Mental Health First Aid in Australia.

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 16 – Tim Walmsley, Founder of Bench On, talks about disrupting the employment industry & creating Australia’s largest untapped talent pool

Tim talks with Sally about the journey of leaving a stable career to start a new business, dedicated to utilising staff more effectively, or as he says, making better use of the ‘happily employed’.

Tim is revolutionising his industry, however he also shares some amazing advice on the need for constant self training, getting innovation right in business, empowering staff, embracing technology and why school leavers shouldn’t fear or worry about trying to have their career path all sorted before they even begin.

You can find out more about Bench On at

Episode 17 – Jessica Hando, Divisional Leader at Humanised Group

Jessica Hando is a recruitment professional with experience working with major multi national agencies, who is now a Division Leader at Humanised Group on QLD. Jessica sits down for an in-depth discussion about the modern recruitment process and how to manage it, the challenges that recruiters face in trying to help candidates, looking out for the mental health of job seekers, the importance of core values, understand emotional intelligence the need for life long learning & more

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 18 – TradeMutt founders Dan & Ed, on creating loud workwear to create awareness about mental health and suicide prevention

TradeMutt boys, Ed & Dan, speak to Tina about why they started their loud workwear collection and share their fresh approach on why it is important to speak up about mental health. This is a vibrant, fun and in-depth conversation on why we should remove the term ‘stigma’ and how we can all help to normalise mental health and raise more positive conversations with those mates, co-workers, family members and those that need it the most.

Find out more at:

Episode 19 – Friday Rant – Are you paying for your kids to have Fortnite tutoring? Give me a break!

Pat and Tina discuss the pitfalls of parents paying for their kids to receive ‘Fornite’ online gaming tutoring, and why this is a bad idea!

career development association brisbane
career development association brisbane

Episode 20 – Jared Tredly – Recruiting in New York, tips on relocating & the importance of building a personal brand

Jared Tredly recently moved to an international recruitment firm in New York, after over 8 years of technical & design experience with notable Australian recruitment agencies. He talks me through the challenges he has overcome with packing up his life and moving, the difference in recruitment styles between NY & QLD, tips on how to secure a role overseas whilst expanding on the importance of building a personal brand.

Episode 21 – Nick Sutherland, Director at MyndFit

Nick Sutherland talks to Tina Winchester about his background including being discharged from the Army, and ultimately how he went on to create MyndFit, an organisation designed to teach people how to be mentally fitter, healthier and stronger.

Nick shares his thoughts and experiences in relation to meditation, exploring philosophies that have helped shape him, buddhism and more, whilst helping to create a shift and change the perspective on how mental health is perceived.

Learn more about MyndFit at

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career development association brisbane

Episode 22 – Friday Rant – What we learnt from listening to Osher Gunsberg’s Podcast

We share what we learnt after listening to Osher Gunsberg’s Podcast with Todd Sampson about sharing his story and journey in regards to mental health

Episode 23 – Graduate Certificate Career Development Practice – Everything you need to know about this course

Sally Healey talks us through what is involved in the CHC81315 Graduate Certificate Career Development Practice, including who it is suited to, how long it goes for, the way you can undertake it and potential outcomes.

Listen in and learn more via

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 24 – How to ask RUOK? And why it is important

On RUOK? Day, our CEO Sally talks us through the ways you can approach someone with this simple, yet vital question, and the importance of putting fear to one side and being able to pluck up the confidence to ask this if required.

Episode 25 – Tric Gibson – Expert stress & anxiety Psychologist on the important of mental health at work & mentally well workplaces

Tric Gibson is an experienced and renowned stress and anxiety Psychologist, and she talks to Sally about the impact of mental health on individuals in the workplace, tips on how to reduce stress, why ‘safe’ workplaces are important, leadership and much more

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 26 – Walk For Awareness – Find Out About Australia’s Biggest Annual Mental Awareness Walk

Wes Vasile, Co-founder of the Walk For Awareness & Mental Awareness Foundation, talks about the upcoming walk on October 7th, what to expect, why you should attend and much more about this amazing initiative.

Learn more about the walk at:

Episode 27 – Ron Malhotra – Renowned Leader, Speaker & Author on the bigger picture regarding Mental Health in the workplace, personal development & much more

Ron Malhotra is a renowned global leader, author and speaker who speaks to Sally about prevalence of and big picture regarding mental health, in the workplace. personal development, setting up businesses for long term success, how cultures are formed and much much more.

Find out more at

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 28 – QLD Mental Health Week Events – Oct 6th – 14th

It’s QLD Mental Health Week, and we want to share with you a little but more about just a few of the 250 + events organised between Oct 6th – 14th, and why we strongly encourage you to get involved.

For more information about all the events in your area, visit

Episode 29 – Damon Millard – Sports Player Welfare Manager shares his views on mental health within the sports industry & opens up about his own inspiring personal journey with mental illnesses

Damon Millard is an incredibly courageous and inspiring individual. As the current Player Welfare Manager at Brisbane City FC, he share his insights into the impact of mental wellness in Australia’s sporting industries as well as opening up to Tina about his own amazing journey with mental illness as a young father and his ongoing road to recovery. Damon’s’ story is emotional and raw, and he should be commended for taking the time to give a very real insight into the reality of mental health within our communities.

If you are listening to Damon’s story and you would like help for yourself or someone else, please make sure you reach out to your GP or professional organisations such as Life Line on 13 11 14.

You can learn more about Damon’s role as a Player Welfare Manager at

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 30 – Julie Gillespie shares her story on becoming a Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Julie Gillespie talks to Tina about the reasons she became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and how she plans to us this course to further her career and educate more Australians about Mental Illnesses

Episode 31 – How The Smallest Words Can Change Someone’s Whole Day – Friday Rant

Amy talks through two separate scenarios she has experienced where the smallest conversation can changes someone’s whole mood and day, on this week’s Friday Rant

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 32 – Turning grief into determination & hope – A story on how SIDS has impacted Sally & Amy personally. A special podcast for Rivers Gift

In support of Rivers Gift, Sally reveals an emotional and raw story about how the loss of her baby girl, and Amy’s sister, Alicia to SIDS nearly 34 years ago has impacted her and the whole family.

As much as this is a story of grief and loss, it is also a courageous story about moving forward, looking out for one another and using the pain of loss as motivation to do amazing things’.

This weeks Podcast is dedicated to Alicia’s memory, and the incredible team over at Rivers Gift

Episode 33 – Tips To Beat Social Media & Phone Addiction – 5 Tips To Be More Productive & Win Back Time

In this episode Pat & Amy discuss some alarming statistics around mobile and social media addiction and Pat reveals his new tips that you can try implementing to beat the addiction at work, at home and in your own time

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 34 – Advice To School Leavers & Their Parents – Tips On How To Navigate Career Paths Post Leaving School

We discuss the unnecessary pressure that current school leavers are placed under when asked to choose their career paths at such a young age.

We provide tips and guidance to both school leavers & their parents about how to navigate this stage of their lives, and list the options available.

Episode 35 –  Stop The Pill Shaming – Friday Rant

This week Tina & Amy rant about the unnecessary personal, public and social media shaming that takes place towards people who seek professional medical assistance to treat the Mental Illnesses.

mental health podcasts
mental health podcasts

Episode 36 – Where’s Your Head At? The UK Mental Health Campaign Explained

What is the ‘Where’s Your Head At? UK Mental Health Campaign?

Who’s involved and why does Australia need it too?

Find out more about this petition to change the laws and recognise mental health within the workplace at

Episode 37 –  What We Learnt in 2018 – What We’re Looking Forward To In 2019

The CDC team sit down to have a roundtable discussion about our first year in business, what we learnt and what we are most looking forward to in the year ahead

mental health podcasts