5 Tips To Deal With Burnout in the Workplace

In a world where we are constantly on our smartphones, have access to 24-7 emails, social media and receive notifications on a range of devices, it is little wonder that it is increasingly difficult to switch off from our workplace. We once took our holidays and knew that our precious time with family and friends ...


The Jobseeker model MUST change

I cannot stay quiet any longer! Today I saw another client who was anxious, visibly upset and desperate for help.  Whilst as a career counsellor I am not supposed to become emotionally involved, I cannot help but ask, 'where are we going wrong with our current job active/seeker model?' My client was a male (let’s call ...


Is Anxiety Holding Back Your Career?

Are You Letting Anxiety Hold Back Your Career? Do you ever find yourself watching your colleagues’ careers going from strength to strength?  Enviously wishing you could share your good ideas in meetings, or speak to an audience with confidence but anxiety gets in the way? We all experience anxiety, butterflies, and nerves or fear from ...

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