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Are you running a business, self employed or an entrepreneur in need of digital coaching & advice? We can help!

We provide digital coaching strategies, guidance and consulting for business owners & entrepreneurs who want to learn the secrets to building a business or brand online.

Our tailored digital coaching sessions and workshops in Brisbane are designed to save you thousands (even tens of thousands) in misspent marketing budgets,agency fees & commissions.

If you run or have started a business, or you are considering starting up a new venture in the future, you will need to consider how you are going to both promote both your product and services as well as attract customers via digital strategies.

The online and digital advertising world can be overwhelming to business owners. It is hard enough to create an effective website for your yourself, let alone understand and grasp the best and most cost effective methods to promote it to your customers in order to drive revenue.

The digital world can often seem and feel like a minefield, with new technologies and terms being thrown around, all promoting themselves as the best option. This can cause undue stress and anxiety as you try to understand how to use and whether you need products and services such as Google AdWords, SEO, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Vimeo, Display Adverts, Re targeting or Google Analytics, as  just a few examples.

Well the good news is our Digital Coaching sessions can provide honest, tailored and independent advice designed to help you understand which digital products and services you need, what sort of budget range you require and whether or not you can run your own strategies or whether you need to engage a professional agency.

A digital coaching session is not a sales meeting – and you will never be sold to

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Digital Coaching & Consulting Options

One On One Coaching – 1.5 hours

In this personalised & tailored coaching session in Brisbane, we will review you digital presence in depth, provide an audit on all of your online and social channels find out more about your online goals and your business and where you would like to see online growth. From there we will provide personalised digital advice & strategies specific to your needs, in order to help you meet your digital goals.

Our aim is to provide you professional guidance and honest digital advice so you can drive results from online advertising in the most cost effective and productive way possible.

If you do not have a website or a social media presence, do not worry. We provide different levels of digital coaching sessions ranging from those who are just starting out with no understanding of what is required, right through to digital professionals who know what to do, and need help taking their strategy to the next level.

Team & Group Coaching – 3 Hours

Do you have a team of 3 or more, or would you like a digital coach to come to your office and present to your team?

Our group digital coaching sessions  give you an in-depth analysis of not only your business, but also your industry, so you know where you compare to immediate and future competitors.

In this interactive session, we provide up to date statistics on your market, identify trends that need to be adapted, give you a road-map for implementation as well as offer in-depth recommendations on the most effective way to ensure you business is successful online, and also maintain that success for the future.

The digital landscape is always changing, and if you can get an external perspective on your own business, it may just give you the ideas and edge you need to succeed for a long time to come.

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Our Experience & Digital Background

Patrick (our Digital Coach) has 9 years digital advertising and online experience working for private companies, digital agencies, multinational media corporations and aswell as managing his own business.

Patrick has experience consulting on just about every renowned and reputable online platform in the digital space, whether it website design & e-commerce, advertising on Google with AdWords, applying SEO, running dynamic advertising banners, implementing national social media campaigns, creating video media and even making Podcasts.

Patrick has provided digital strategies for an amazing cross section of businesses and industries, ranging from health clinics, food outlets and builders, through to appliances stores and education centres, right up to national accounting firms, finance and construction companies, legal firms, surgeons and telcos.

Digital coaching sessions are designed to give you the knowledge and power to understand which strategy is best suited to you and even how to implement it. Our sessions are not a sales meeting and you will never be sold to!

If you want to save thousands in misspent digital budgets and fees and commissions to agencies, then book in a digital coaching session or workshop for you or your team today.

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