Welcome to the Remote & Stay at Home Workers Mental Health Induction

The Remote & Stay At Home Workers Mental Health Induction is an online training course designed to educate remote working employees on how to manage their mental health, look out for their team members mental well-being and put successful strategies in place to enable remote working success.

The Induction consists of 8 animated video guides and educates your employees on vital topics such as:

  • Dealing with isolation
  • Monitoring team members mental health
  • Tips to stay motivated
  • Strategies to manage your own anxiety and stress
  • The importance of routine and structure
  • Maintaining sleep
  • Building resilience in a remote working environment and much more

This is not your average mental health elearning style course.

Our online Remote & Stay at Home Workers Mental Health Induction uses evidence based data to deliver mental health information in an easily relatable format, making it simple for employees to undertake credible mental health training using any device from any location

Some other the other benefits include with our Remote & Stay at Home Workers Mental Health Induction include:

  • It is suitable for any employee ranging from the CEO to the Intern
  • Employees can either login in directly via our own Learning Management System (LMS) or we can provide SCORM files to use on your own internal LMS.
  • The Induction takes approx 20-25 mins to complete, and can be completed in stages
  • The Induction can be customised to include your organisations own information such as policies, EAP providers, colours and more
  • The Induction can be personalised into different languages with Country specific voiceovers
  • A certificate of completion will be emailed over upon completion
  • A free demonstration can be provided to organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the format and content available.

Join the growing list of companies across Australia and the World who are inducting their employees in credible evidence based mental health training.

You can also learn more by visiting our mental health elearning website and sister company www.mentallywellworkplaces.com.au

At the Career Development Centre, we strong believe every employee deserves to be inducted in mental health training, and that mental health safety should be viewed as importantly a physical health safety in Australian workplaces.

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