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Parents Career Coaching Workshops

‘Become Your Teens Career Coach’

Never underestimate the influence you, as a parent, have over your teens career choice.  Studies have found that a parent’s influence is so strong it overrides the influence of teachers, school counsellors and friends!

What will you learn in our parents Career Coaching Workshops?

Our ‘Become Your Teens Career Coach’ Workshops are designed to educate & inform you on the most effective ways to give your children (who may be becoming young adults) timely career advice.

Parents play a significant role in supporting their teenagers to make knowledgeable decisions about their career pathways, therefore as figures of influence, it is important to be able to give timely, accurate and considered career advice to ensure that your children can make informed decisions that have a positive impact on this important stage of their lives.

In our workshops, we cover a range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Communication Strategies – How to communicate with your teenager about their career, ensuring they are in control of the decisions.
  • Self-Reflection – including identifying skills, values
  • Challenging the traditional notions of ‘career’
  • Research and options – how to assist your teenager with research in various careers
  • Resources to assist with the career planning process

By up-skilling yourself in important career-based knowledge you will put yourself in a position where you can not only give considered and accurate advice, you can also confidently know that your children are receiving important guidance from their most trusted source, their parents.

Whether your teenagers are preparing for higher education such as University, undertaking a Trade, looking for full time work or even taking a ‘Gap Year’, it is vital that you as parents, are ready and equipped to be able to give your children the correct type of advice as they enter this important period of their life.

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