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Career Guidance, Training & Mental Health Experts.

We are on a mission to make all Australian workplaces mentally well

Run by experienced Career Development Practitioners, Mental Health Trainers & qualified Counsellors for organisations, teams & individuals

We were recently featured on Channel 7 News Brisbane speaking about Career Counselling

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Career & Mental Health Services For Individuals

An anxiety & stress psychologist can help to stop your mind racing, stop your heart beating so fast and slow everything down to a manageable pace

Find your work/life balance and win back time to spend on things you’re really passionate about (enquire about our Student, Concession & Senior card discounts)

We have a true passion for assisting students & millennial to understand their passions and future career paths

We understand that not all of our clients are able to make it into our office, and in order to be flexible, we utilise new technology in order to able to offer career counselling sessions online

If you’re ambitious and looking to progress up the “corporate ladder”, you can sit back and wait patiently for it to happen, or you can take control of your career and start planning for for short and long term success

Career & Mental Health Services For Organisations

We offer individuals & organisations the opportunity to use the Whole Brain Thinking System to determine their thinking preferences

Is your business undergoing a re-structure, downsize or major organisational change? We can help!

Work-based  programs designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general well being of staff. This also includes relationship / trauma counselling and Family Dispute Resolution services.

If you were faced with someone who was in the midst of a mental health crisis or experiencing an emerging mental illness, would you know what to do?

Successful mediation can assist in strengthening ongoing working relationships and staff productivity.

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Career Development Centre
Career Development Centre4 days ago
🎙New Podcast 🎧

What is the 'Where’s Your Head At' UK Mental Health Campaign?

Who's involved & why does Australia need it too?

Listen in to find out more about this petition to change the laws & recognise mental health within the workplace:


Find out more about the petition at: http://www.wheresyourheadat.org/
Career Development Centre
Career Development Centre7 days ago
What an amazing initiative with over 200,000 signatories in the UK, requesting amendments to their laws to ensure that provisions are made for mental health in the workplace (just like they are for physical health).

If successful, millions of employees in the UK would have access to Mental Health First Aiders.

Who else believes we should have this in Australia too?

Everybody has mental health, and it does not discriminate!

Career Development Centre
Career Development Centre2 weeks ago
Have you been applying for jobs with no luck? Are you researching the company to decide if that's a company you want to work for?
Career Development Centre


Flexible Payment Plans Are Available

 (CHC81315) Graduate Certificate Career Development Practice

This qualification reflects the role of Career Development Practitioners. Practitioners at this level make high level, independent, complex judgements in the context of providing guidance in career development. Their role involves the full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of their work and is an ideal pathway into assisting you to work for yourself or a corporation.


(CHC41215) Certificate IV in Career Development

This carer qualification reflects the role of individuals who provide programs and services to individuals and groups of clients and employers to support people in planning their career and/or locating, securing and maintaining suitable employment. This is the perfect course to use a stepping stone into the emerging world of Career Development