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We are now taking enrolments for 2024 in the (CHC81315) Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice

Our experienced team (in partnership with Skills Recognition International Pty Ltd RTO #32373) will help you begin your exciting journey as a Career Development Practitioner.

The Career Development industry is emerging and evolving quickly and there is a need for more experienced and qualified Career Practitioners across Australia. If you are interested in offering genuine and well structured career advice and mentoring, providing detailed career plans and pathways, undertaking career counselling and becoming a career coach, then our Graduate Certificate course is an ideal stepping stone and pathway into this fulfilling industry.

You can can begin your study anytime with flexible online learning, and you can also enquire about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) by calling our team on 1300 199 849. We offer flexible online learning which you can start at anytime and if you are enquiring from a business,. we also offer group discounts.

Undertake our (CHC81315 Graduate Certificate Career Development Practice) taught by our renowned & passionate Career Practitioner, Sally Healey

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Enquire about ‘Online Mental Health First Aid’ for you or your employees with one our ‘Principal Master Instructors’.

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    What some of our clients are saying…

    “I have had the pleasure of engaging CDC for over 2 years and in looking for an EAP and mental health service provider to align with Northrop, there was no question that CDC was my first choice.

    Inordinate rates of stress and mental health issues affect the Engineering and Construction industries so finding strong mental health  advocates to provide nuanced, adaptable and approachable services is critical to supporting our people. We have found their services are not only thought provoking and informative but that they also provide staff and managers with realistic tools and strategies to be empowered to seek support and for us to provide a mentally healthy workplace. The training sessions provided by CDC have facilitated better conversations in our business and their EAP services have been crucial to supporting our staff through uncertain times and a multitude of pressures.

    Our confidence in the CDC’s ability to provide excellent care and coaching when our people need it is without question. I  highly recommend their services to anyone looking to engage an EAP provider or boost mental health awareness within their business.”

    “We, at Seed Skills cannot speak highly enough of the professional service we receive from Sally and the team at Career Development Centre. Their provision of responsive, professional and effective counselling and support service for our employees in managing both workplace and personal stressors has been invaluable.

    After using CDC as our Employee Assistance provider  for over 12 months it was without hesitation that our organisation put the staff through their online mental health awareness induction.  This program has been highly beneficial in ensuring the team can now draw on evidence based tools to help themselves and their team members.  Not only has it given staff the vital tools, it has also helped create transparent and healthy conversations surrounding Mental Illness.

    Mental wellbeing is so important and the support mechanisms we have in place with CDC offer security in knowing our staff are well cared for in a confidential and safe setting”

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Career Development centre across two businesses for a number of years.

    As our EAP of choice, they’ve consistently gone above and beyond to provide us with an excellent support service for our employees. So much so, that I have gone on to recommend them to a number of our Clients, Candidates or anyone in my extended network whom I’ve felt could benefit from connecting with them.

    The team at CDC are down to earth, welcoming and ooze passion for what they do!”

    “Our team decided to upskill ourselves and Sally at CDC was extremely supportive and passionate about Career Development.

    Sally guided our team through all required modules to ensure it was relatable and relevant to our business.

    The knowledge and skills that Sally has in this field is very inspiring. Our business will be forever changed and in a position to diversify thanks to Sally and the Career Development Centre.”

    “Ipswich City Council engage the team at Career Development Centre to deliver Mental Health First Aid training to our employees. 

    Although the content of the training is incredibly serious and emotional, CDC have the amazing ability to connect with many people and deliver the content with an engaging and relatable persona.  

    Feedback received from past attendees was how amazing our facilitator was and that the valuable tools they learned could be put to good use at both work and at home”

    “CoAct engaged MHFA for our leadership team and were astounded at the quality of the content and the delivery, especially in a complex virtual environment. We had multiple attendees in different locations however our trainer managed to ensure all were included and engaged. All our leadership team walked away from the training feeling more informed on mental health and mental illness as well as more equipped to deal with any crisis that may arise.

    Our instructor was an extremely engaging facilitator, she ensured we all felt comfortable with the content and allowed for an easy platform to start conversations, ask questions and just interact and learn in general.

    Some of the comments from attendees of the training include:

    • This was a very useful workshop and should be mandatory for people managers and especially your peers.
    • This has been the best course and facilitator I have seen in years
    • I have realised through this course that I carried a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about mental illness
    • It has opened up my eyes and I feel much more comfortable talking about Mental Health with others now

    We cannot recommend MHFA and CDC highly enough”

    “I emailed EAP and asked for a session yesterday morning and they had me booked in for that afternoon straight away – so quick and efficient.  I had an hour session from the comfort of my own home where I talked about the current situation I am in and how it was making me feel.

    “Tina reflected on what I had told her and relayed it back to me from a few different perspectives, giving me a few tangible steps to go away and put into practice. I ended up having the best night’s sleep I have had for weeks after following some of her advice!

    “Tina was very knowledgeable, laid back and personable, and she made me feel totally at ease – it was a really positive experience. It’s such a good service, and completely confidential.”

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