In these challenging times it is important to understand & learn how to obtain the necessary tools to keep you & your teams mentally well & resilient. Our business is adapting to our clients needs & in light of current global events, we are now offering all of our mental health & careers based training, workshops, courses and sessions online to follow a safety first approach for both our clients, their families and ourselves.

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Leaders in Online & Face to Face Corporate Mental Health, Careers & EAP Focused Training & Programs

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Workplace Mental Health Induction

official employee mental health inductions

Remote Workers Mental Health Induction

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Mental Health First Aid Courses

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Career Development Courses

Mental Health Workshops

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Some of the great companies we have worked with

Online Mental Health Workshops – Saying mentally well during uncertain times & how to look after your mental health from home

online mental health workshops

Induct your employees in evidence based online mental health training with Australia’s first Workplace Mental Health Induction

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Enquire about Mental Health First Aid in our training facility or in your workplace with one of Brisbane’s only ‘Principal Master Instructors’, Tina Winchester

principal master mental health first aid instructor in brisbane

Contact The Career Development Centre

Hear from QLD Ballet how Mental Health First Aid training from CDC has benefited their business

Training & Services for Organisations

Work-based  programs designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general well being of staff. This also includes relationship / trauma counselling and Family Dispute Resolution services.

If you were faced with someone who was in the midst of a mental health crisis or experiencing an emerging mental illness, would you know what to do?

Create & maintain a mentally well workplace by inducting any employee at any level, into the workplace specific mental health induction

We offer individuals & organisations the opportunity to use the Whole Brain Thinking System to determine their thinking preferences

Training & Services for Individuals

An anxiety & stress psychologist can help to stop your mind racing, stop your heart beating so fast and slow everything down to a manageable pace

Find your work/life balance and win back time to spend on things you’re really passionate about (enquire about our Student, Concession & Senior card discounts)

We have a true passion for assisting students & millennial to understand their passions and future career paths

If you’re ambitious and looking to progress up the “corporate ladder”, you can sit back and wait patiently for it to happen, or you can take control of your career and start planning for for short and long term success