Employee Assistance Programs

Our qualified counsellors and psychologists provide ‘modern’ Employee Assistance Program services for your ‘modern’ workforce

Career Development Centre Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) are personalised work-based intervention programs designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general wellbeing of your employees. EAP services are usually made available not only to the employee but also to the employee’s spouse, children and non-marital partner living in the same household as the employee.

The aim of a CDC Employee Assistance Programs are to provide preventive and proactive interventions for the early resolution of both work and personal problems, which could adversely affect performance and general well-being. Our counsellors and psychologists are here to provide a range of thought out counselling services and programs for employees who experience issues which may affect their emotional and physical performance in the workplace.

Assistance our Employee Assistance Programs can provide:

EAP offers short-term, solution focused counselling for all age groups within your workplace. This includes personalised counselling discussions which can be provided via a range of different ways, including:

  • Over the telephone
  • Skype or Zoom online sessions

Career Development Centres EAP staff are registered psychologists, counsellors, mediators and trainers who have extensive experience working with a range of clients, organisations, individuals, couples and families, and are accredited members of peak industry bodies.

Services we assist with Services we can assist with
Personal Issues

Career Change

Depression & Anxiety

Relationship Counselling

Domestic Violence Counselling

Critical Incident Support

Work/life Balance

Bullying & Harassment Support

Grief & Bereavement Counselling

Work Crisis & Trauma

Mediation & Conflict

Redundancy Support / Transition

Stress Management


For the purpose of the EAP Program, Case Management includes activities arising out of, or in connection with, the Services accessed by a client, including (without limitation):

  • Undertaking an initial assessment of the client’s counselling or support requirements
  • Counselling and consultation sessions
  • Planning counselling and/or support sessions for a client
  • Linking the client to (and liaising and coordinating with) appropriate specialist counselling and other support services both external to and within CDC
  • In respect of Family Members under the age of 16 who present to an appointment as a client intending to receive the services, CDC will:
  • Conduct an initial assessment of that Client accompanied by a parent or legal guardian;
  • Provide Case Management in relation to that Client; and
  • Refer the Client to an appropriate specialist counselling or support service where required.


EAP consultations are strictly confidential. CDC does not share information with anyone unless authorised to do so by you in writing, or if required under Australian law. In the case of a workplace issue, the client may authorise the counsellor to discuss the matter with a manager, or another person nominated to help address the situation.

We take workplace wellness very seriously, and you should too!

Developing proactive strategies for a healthy workplace provides you with a structured framework for your workplace to promote mental wellness and reduce workplace risks associated with mental illness.

We provide a full range of Employee Assistance services including confidential support to staff who may be experiencing mental health issues whilst lessening the stigma associated with mental illness.

The end result is often a far more productive workplace which helps to create a supportive and caring environment, helping employees strive to achieve their career goals.

By identifying and addressing issues early in your workplace, you can avoid staff turnover, reduce absenteeism and exposure to litigation whilst improving employee productivity and help create a positive culture.

We, at Seed Skills cannot speak highly enough of the professional service we receive from Sally and the team at Career Development Centre.

Their provision of responsive, professional and effective counselling and support service for our employees in managing both workplace and personal stressors has been invaluable.

After using CDC as our Employee Assistance provider for over 12 months it was without hesitation that our organisation put the staff through their online mental health awareness induction. This program has been highly beneficial in ensuring the team can now draw on evidence based tools to help themselves and their team members. Not only has it given staff the vital tools, it has also helped create transparent and healthy conversations surrounding Mental Illness.

Mental wellbeing is so important and the support mechanisms we have in place with CDC offer security in knowing our staff are well cared for in a confidential and safe setting.

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