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Qualified Career Practitioners will uncover your true passion and put together a career plan of action – Now offering after hours and weekend consultations

Are you stuck in a career rut? Are you working in a job that you resent?

It is time to take action and pursue your true career goals!

According to the Quality of Working Life report from the Chartered Management Institute, 80% of people surveyed are dissatisfied with their job, the average person spends over 90,000 hours of their life at work and couples in which one partner spends 10+ hours at work each day have a divorce rate at twice the average – does this resonate with you?

With professional career advice from our qualified Career Counsellors in Brisbane, you can break the cycle, participate in work that you enjoy and find fulfilling, find your work/life balance and win back time to spend on things you are really passionate about.

Our team of experienced Career Counsellors want to ensure that you are given the right career advice and guidance to ensure you work towards your true passion, and not towards a role or career that you have been pushed into or feel trapped in.

Unlike standard career advisers, our team of experienced career practitioners all have both qualifications and real-world experience in counselling – it is our passion.

Why is it important to speak with real & qualified Counsellors?

Let’s think of it like this, you would never take medical advice from an unqualified doctor and you would never let an inexperienced architect draw up plans for your new home – we believe that delivering career counselling and offering career guidance is no different!

By meeting with our experienced and qualified counsellors, we can offer you a different perspective We have a combination of over 40 years of experience including counselling, training, mental health and career development. We dig deep to understand you as a person, your passions, your goals, your background and your career ambitions.

We don’t just give you a standard profile test and push you out the door and wish you good luck. We get to know you by asking deep, personal and strategic questions so we can develop a strong level of trust whilst understanding exactly what it is that makes you, you!

By building this relationship, we can assist you to uncover your true career passion and make informed decisions to help you on the right career path. However, our work doesn’t stop there, we are always available for ongoing guidance to help you achieve & true calling in life.

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