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Sally Healey – CEO & Head of Career Development

Learn More About Sally

Learn More About Sally Healey

Our CEO and Head of Career Development Sally Healey brings a wealth of skills and expertise to the team from an outstanding career herself, working for over 30 years in management and leadership roles as an employee and business owner.

In 2006, Sally founded and successfully ran a Registered Training Organisation for 15 years. The organisation specialised in community services, such as counselling, mental health and leadership training and delivered throughout Australia.

During her time running the training organisation Sally identified a strong link between job satisfaction and mental illness, such as depression, anxiety and burnout and wasted no time in bringing together a team of like-minded professionals to work together to set up the Career Development Centre/Mentally Well Workplaces.

An exceptional female leader, author, CEO and keynote speaker with an unwavering desire to create positive change in careers and mental health.

Tina Winchester – Director Mental Health and EAP

Learn More About Tina

Learn More About Tina Winchester

Our Director of Mental Health and Employee Assistance Programs, Tina has a distinguished career in psychiatric services and brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the team.  Working in the UK across inpatient and community services Tina’s achievements include sitting on Executive Management Teams, leading projects affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Department of Health, project managing the first Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team in the South East of England and taking on the role of Assistant Mental Health Commissioner.

Moving to Australia in 2007, Tina shared her expertise of mental health and counselling through training new counsellors and providing private practice care.  As a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor she delivers courses with a humorous and engaging style, her empathy has been described as ‘contagious’ with an impressive ability to read a room and put participants at ease.

A regular keynote speaker invited to address both domestic and international audiences Tina is a passionate and committed mental health advocate pushing to drive change and end the stigma of mental health in workplaces and communities.

Patrick Page – Director Strategy and Marketing

Learn More About Patrick

Learn More About Patrick Page

Our Marketing and eLearning Director, Patrick has a distinguished career in business and digital marketing and continually looks to innovate and modernise our offline and online services and products.

Patrick brings with a wealth of business experience, building and selling a successful startup digital agency and using his knowledge to help promote and market the Career Development Centre and Mentally Well Workplaces since our inception in 2017. Patrick created our websites. manages our budgets and coordinates our social media channels including making videos, podcasts and various online content to enable us to communicate with our wider audience online.

Since 2018, Patrick has built and project managed our four Induction courses from scratch, helping us enrol thousands of employees in across Australia, the USA, UK and South East Asia and educate them on mental health and resilience strategies in the workplace.

Patrick is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider and dedicates his time to partnering with our key stakeholders to better understand their needs so our whole team can provide continual and outstanding service.

Amy Guest – Director & Head of Operations

Learn More About Amy

Learn More About Amy Guest

As Director and Head of Operations at the Career Development Centre and Mentally Well Workplaces Amy has a pivotal role in the leadership team.  She not only brings her wide-ranging experience in operations, finance and management, her organisational and time management skills are second to none.

Amy’s noteworthy career spans industries from law, health and telecommunications through to 11 years spend in the private education sector.  With an eye for detail and a head for figures as Head of Operations Amy’s responsibilities include growth and profitability through financial management, operational policies, scheduling, liaison with clients at all levels and keeping the rest of the team on task!

Dedicated to raising awareness of mental health Amy is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider and champions this role with sincerity.  Her ethical leadership style contributes to her ability to build trusting relationships with clients and as she is often the first port of call with the business many have made comment on her efficiency along with her approachable demeanour.

Juanita Kaminski – Head Career Practitioner and Coach

Learn More About Juanita

Learn More About Juanita Kaminski

Juanita brings strength and enthusiasm with an agile way of working. She has collaborated with several industry sectors on a variety of business needs including HR/recruitment, finance and business development. One of her key attributes is her ability to see opportunities in areas that others might overlook.

With a need to seek out new ways of extending her abilities, Juanita studied career consulting and has been, over the past 2 years, building her client base. Using her abilities in business to flesh out new ideas, she takes this style to investigate for her clients opportunities they may never have considered. Her extensive networks with industry representatives and education institutions ensures she can find flexible ways of working toward clients career goals.

To add to her already extensive 18 years in business, 2021 sees her work even more towards assisting her clients and understanding people on a deeper level as she undertakes her Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology).