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Sally Healey – CEO & Head of Career Development

Learn More About Sally

Learn More About Sally Healey

Sally Healey is the CEO of Career Development Centre and  has spent over 30 years working extensively in leadership roles within the corporate and SME sector.

Within these roles she developed a special interest of addressing organisational culture transformation and employee wellbeing.

In 2006, Sally took the courageous step of commencing a Registered Training Organisation that she successfully ran for 12 years. The organisation specialised in training, consulting, and program development for organisations and employees. Programs trained included counselling, career development, leadership and coaching and mentoring at Diploma and Post Graduate level.    

During this time Sally was an active State Committee member of Australian Council for Private Education and Training and an advisory member of the Skills Industry Reference committee where her role included advising on training product development to ensure skills met future industry needs.

Collaborating with organisational leaders and employees throughout Australia , Sally identified an inextricable link between workplace culture, career choice and mental ill health. At this time Sally knew she had to be part of a team that focused on driving workplace culture transformation that would provide a sense of psychological safety combined with mutual respect and trust for all employees. 

Sally sold the training company in early 2018 and wasted no time pulling together a team of like-minded colleagues who together commenced Career Development Centre and Mentally Well Workplaces which now operates globally.

Sally holds post graduate qualifications in Counselling, Career Development, Leadership and Strategic Management.


Amy Guest – Director & Head of Operations

Learn More About Amy

Learn More About Amy Guest

As Director and Head of Operations at the Career Development Centre and Mentally Well Workplaces Amy has a pivotal role in the leadership team.  She not only brings her wide-ranging experience in operations, finance and management, her organisational and time management skills are second to none.

Amy’s noteworthy career spans industries from law, health and telecommunications through to 11 years spend in the private education sector.  With an eye for detail and a head for figures as Head of Operations Amy’s responsibilities include growth and profitability through financial management, operational policies, scheduling, liaison with clients at all levels and keeping the rest of the team on task!

Dedicated to raising awareness of mental health Amy is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider and champions this role with sincerity.  Her ethical leadership style contributes to her ability to build trusting relationships with clients and as she is often the first port of call with the business many have made comment on her efficiency along with her approachable demeanour.

Juanita Kaminski – Head Career Practitioner and Coach

Learn More About Juanita

Learn More About Juanita Kaminski

Juanita brings strength and enthusiasm with an agile way of working. She has collaborated with several industry sectors on a variety of business needs including HR/recruitment, finance and business development. One of her key attributes is her ability to see opportunities in areas that others might overlook.

With a need to seek out new ways of extending her abilities, Juanita studied career consulting and has been, over the past 2 years, building her client base. Using her abilities in business to flesh out new ideas, she takes this style to investigate for her clients opportunities they may never have considered. Her extensive networks with industry representatives and education institutions ensures she can find flexible ways of working toward clients career goals.

To add to her already extensive 18 years in business, 2021 sees her work even more towards assisting her clients and understanding people on a deeper level as she undertakes her Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology).