Online Mental Health Workshops

During times of uncertainty and change, it is important to look after your employees mental wellbeing.

The Career Development Centre are offering organisations custom online mental health workshops, ranging from 1 hour anxiety management sessions through to 3 hour, half day or even full day online workshops, for businesses with employees who are working remotely, in the office or from home.

Some of the amazing companies we have trained via workshops

The benefits of online mental health workshops include:

  • Employees can access our online training from their own home
  • Employees can see the trainer, see the power-points as well as interact with each other and ask questions
  • Employees will be given up to date tips and advice on how to deal with current real world events
  • To keep individuals safe there will be no potentially triggering content ie. suicide or psychosis
  • Boost the confidence & well-being of all types of remote workers ranging from sales and marketing executives through to engineering and trades based professionals

Variations of mental health related content can include:

  • Staying mentally well during uncertain times
  • Remote working – tips on how to look after your mental well-being from home
  • Dealing with isolation and managing media coverage
  • Mental Health – what is it, who’s got it, what’s this got to do with me?
  • Coping with mental illnesses e.g. anxiety, depression & substance use disorders

All of our online workshops use cutting edge interactive ZOOM Technology, allowing customisable features and user interactivity.

If you would like to secure a workshop for your business and team, contact our team directly on tel:1300 199 849, email or fill in the contact form and we will get in contact with you.
online mental health workshops

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