Returning to work after being at home with your children can be a somewhat daunting transition for many mums.

Whether you have been a stay at home mum for 6 months, 6 years or 16 years, the thought of re-entering the workplace can feel overwhelming.

We place a great deal of pressure on ourselves.  We often fill our minds with doubt.

  • “What if I can’t get a job?”
  • “What if my skills aren’t recognised anymore?”
  • “Will I be able to keep up?”

Along with these questions, we are considering our children.

  • Will I have enough time for them?
  • Will they be ok without me?

These questions and feelings are not uncommon, but it’s how we manage these that can make a huge difference to our next step.

Becoming a mother is a huge change for a woman.  You become selfless, you make sacrifices, your priority is to protect.  You want the world to be a better place for your children.

Sometimes as a mother we need to be reminded that we are people outside of that role.

Consider Yourself!  You’ve made the decision to return to work, and you deserve to consider yourself!

We must take the time to highlight ourselves, our skills and experience. Many of us find self-praise and commendation to be a difficult task, but once you sit back and look at all your skills, attributes, etc, it can change your mindset immediately from daunted and confused, to “Wow! Look what I have to offer!”

We should assess whether we want to go back into a similar role, or try something completely new.  We should decide whether we can make the transition with the support of our family, or if we need some extra support from a Career Counsellor or a Recruitment Agency, whether we need help with our resume and our cover letter, or whether we need help just getting started on the journey.

There’s no doubt there will be adjustments, it will be different, and it will be a journey but with self-belief and support, it will be a good journey.