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What Is Career Development?

Career development by its very nature is a unique, creative and individual process.  Everyone is different, no one size fits all, therefore, individuals require different types of assistance at different times in their career.

Career development is the ongoing process of managing your life, learning and work. It involves developing the skills, knowledge and self-understanding that enables you to plan and make informed decisions about your education, training and career choices.

From an individual’s perspective, the key benefits gained from career development services are increased self-awareness and self-confidence, better-informed education and work/life decisions.

How Can A Career Development Practitioner Help Me?

Career Development Practitioners work with people of all ages and career stages to help them manage their life, learning, and work. The goal of career services is to help individuals explore their life from a holistic perspective, pursue learning and find a career which is personally rewarding, and to teach individuals how to manage transitions in today’s ever-changing job market.

Career Development Practitioners have specific skills and knowledge to assist you with your career development needs. In Australia, Career Development Practitioners may be a member of the Career Development Association Australia. This membership is evidence that the Practitioner has demonstrated they have the required skills and knowledge to provide you with a high-quality service.

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Why Is Career Development Important?

In the current environment of globalisation, fast moving developments in technology and communications and demographic changes it has become clear that the way we work is undergoing significant changes.

The concept of what once constituted a ‘career’ has changed dramatically.

The concept of a ‘job for life’ no longer exists.

Most individuals will change jobs numerous times throughout their working lives.

There has been a shift from permanent employment to more diverse working arrangements such as contract and project work.

Lifelong learning has become important and as a result a person can no longer rely on a single qualification which once sustained them throughout their entire working lives.

In addition, Individuals now require well-rounded skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and personal attributes such as adaptability, resilience, enthusiasm, emotional intelligence and openness to new ideas.

Adapted from: Australian Blueprint for Career Development 2010

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