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Tric understands what you’re going through, she is a highly experienced anxiety & stress Psychologist in Brisbane

Are you feeling constantly worried or overthinking situations, potentially always fearing the worst type ‘dooms day’ style scenario?

Do you lose sleep worrying about work, family, finances or even avoid people and things that increase your anxiety?

Are you avoiding certain situations, becoming obsessive compulsive or increasing your use of alcohol or drugs to help you sleep?

You may need professional support from an accredited anxiety & stress psychologist, Tric Gibson, to help you implement strategies into your daily life, to reduce the stress and anxiety to a manageable level.

The reality is, everyone experiences anxiety at some time in their life.

Some form of anxiety can be useful to help us avoid certain dangerous situations or provide motivation, however when it swings from quite a mild form of uneasiness into a severe state of panic, it needs to be addressed to avoid it controlling your life.

We get to know the real you, we use experience and knowledge to help you uncover the cause of your anxiety.

Individual Sessions

These individual sessions are tailored to you. They may vary in duration, number and will be designed to suit your specific focus and needs.

These sessions may attract private health care or Medicare rebates (conditions apply).

There are a range of different treatments for anxiety, and each individual is different. We recommend contacting us via the form to the right or call us on 07 3355 6688 to have a confidential discussion about your situation.

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Listen to Tric speak about the importance of mental health in the workplace

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