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Executive Career Coaching & Counselling Services For Staff

If your organisations employees need professional motivation and mentoring to succeed in their current careers, then we can provide tailored and industry specific coaching and counselling for staff and teams throughout all of Brisbane and SEQLD.

As a part of executive career coaching and counselling, we provide structured career panning sessions with HBDI testing, to work out your employees profile and ideal method of learning and applying their skills to your business.

Improve your organisations leadership & management skills

Many employees are promoted into more senior roles and management positions because they are viewed at being “good at their job”.

The responsibilities and conditions that go along with a new promotion are often celebrated, however not all staff are equipped to deal with employment changes, and additional responsibilities can cause anxiety and stress, leading to professional and personal failures.

The key is to full understand which staff are not only willing to be promoted and manage, but also thrive in their new roles, and that is where the Career Development Centre can assist.

Our highly trained Executive Career Coaches will help you understand which staff are ready to take the next steps in their careers by:

  1. Applying strategic one on one and team career counselling sessions
  2. Coordinating & implementing professional and globally renowned profile testing
  3. Running and mentoring your staff through the various scenarios they are likely to face in a Management type role
  4. Advising staff of additional training opportunities in order improve their leadership and management skills
  5. Providing reports with strong recommendations for improvements in training whilst highlighting individual staff strengths and weaknesses

The Career Development Centre can offer Executive Career Coaching & Counselling as a specific program on it’s own, or we can provide it as part of a wider Employee Assistance Program and / or in conjunction with Career Transition & Outplacement services.

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