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Is your business undergoing a re-structure, downsize or major organisational change?

We can help!

At the Career Development Centre, we understand that the decision to have to move on staff is never an easy one. You need to ensure that their current welfare is managed effectively whilst maintaining an important balance and structure to your organisation.

There are a number of reasons your organisation is undergoing change, whether it’s an enforced restructure, requirement to downsize your workforce, location change leading to staff displacement, a merger or acquisition or even a complete closure, the correct movement of staff is a vital requirement.

Our experienced team have a combination of over 40 years’ experience in career transition, counselling, mental wellbeing and development for staff in Australia and overseas. We are leaders in outplacement services and can support you and your business through the significant change of transitioning staff onto the next stage of their careers.

We coordinate the management of organisational change in order to assist your employees as they transition to the next stage of their careers.

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The Career Development Centre Way

There are a number of career transition & outplacement approaches for your organisation, upon which a program will be tailored depending on your organisations staff size, location, industry type and requirements.

We can provide you and your business dedicated career transition and outplacement services including but not limited to:

  • One on one consultations with your leadership team on the best strategy and approach for your business
  • A clear career transition & outplacement program tailored to your organisations exact needs
  • Support on the day for your leadership team & HR staff, including announcement of the restructure if required
  • A personalised Career Counsellor will carry out a detailed & personalised career assessment for your employees as well as updates and reports on career transition progress
  • Our team will prepare staff with interview skills training, coaching, salary advice and advice on networking & LinkedIn best practice.
  • Mental wellness and support services for not only employee’s that have transitioned, but also employees that have stayed on, including leaders and executives

Career Transition & Outplacement must be handled in a professional, caring and effective way. All parties involved can be looked after and employees given the best chance to move forward and transition into careers aligned with their goals.

At the Career Development Centre, we have the experiences, skills, qualifications and holistic approach to help any business in Australia transition and outplace their staff the right way, ensuring that employees and the organisations best interest are kept intact.

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