Whether your company is going through redundancies, a restructure, a change of location or a downsize, it is a smart decision to use an experienced external party to assist with the movement of staff.

Trained career transition and outplacement specialists offer professional services which are designed to provide tailored career counselling & transition services to all staff moving on to the next stage of their careers.

Here are the top reasons you and your organisation may need to use a career transition and outplacement company.

Firing Staff Isn’t Easy

Aside from a small minority of online personalities who proclaim to love firing people, the vast majority of people do find this process unnerving, even if they do not express it as such. Letting a staff member go that you have worked with, and potentially even socialised with outside of the work environment can cause anxiety and stress, especially if the decision has been a long time coming.

Maintain existing staff morale and motivation

It is important to remember that staff change will affect not only the people moving out of the organisation, but also the staff that remain within the company. Therefore, career transition services will often include career counselling for remaining staff to ensure that morale is kept high and that they understand the process being carried out. This type of counselling allows staff to stay informed and up to date with company changes which can have a positive outcome on their work and motivation levels.

Save Time & Resources

On top of your organisations usual day to day duties, where is there the time to meet with, counsel, transition and follow up with staff who are moving on? Trained outplacement and career transition professionals will offer a full service designed to save you time, money as well as physical and mental energy, allowing you to focus on your organisations most immediate priorities.

Boost your brand & attract better candidates

Potential new employees to your business are educated and wise to employee packages and contracts. Having a clear and concise career transition plan on offer can not only attract savvy new hires, it can also give assurances to your team that you genuinely care for their wellbeing before, during and after their employment with your company. Promoting career transition services can boost your brand and ensure you are viewed as an employer of choice, over your competitors.

Avoid legal battles

In comparison to lawyers and court fees, career transition and outplacement services cost a fraction of the price to undergoing an exhausting legal battle. The Career Development Centre offers a variety of career services on top of transition and outplacement, including mediation and employee assistance programs to ensure that all transitions are conducted legally and fairly for all parties concerned.

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