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Workplace Mediation in Brisbane

Workplace disputes are not an uncommon occurrence.  In today’s fast paced world, it is easy for misunderstandings to occur between staff. How these conflicts are managed it of vital importance to any company.  When the boss has to become involved in workplace dispute between two parties it can potentially destroy working relationships and often ends up in good staff members leaving the company.

Workplace Mediation is the facilitation of a meeting between the parties involved in the dispute. The independent mediator will assist in finding a resolution to the issue, whilst preserving the relationship between the two parties.

Mediation is not about blaming either party.

Both parties are respected and given equal opportunity to express their opinion in a confidential setting.

An independent mediator will ensure:

  • Each party communicates respectfully
  • Each part is given the opportunity to be heard
  • Each party will participate in identifying, clarifying and exploring the real issues
  • Each party is given the opportunity to participate in designing better ways of communicating in the future

Because the process is confidential it limits disruption to the workplace. Successful mediation can assist your organisation in strengthening ongoing working relationships and staff productivity.

Being heard sends a clear message to parties involved that company care about their staff.

Career Development Centre can also provide Family Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution services in Brisbane and online if required.

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