Student Career Counselling Services in Brisbane with Professional Student Career Counsellor, Sally Healey

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Sally is a qualified Career Practitioner with a passion for helping students & millennials uncover their true passions and put together a career plan of action!

Guess what? As a student you are likely to have 7 career changes (not jobs), actual career changes, over the course of your lifetime!

Sally understands the pressure that students are placed under from an early age, and whilst having a goal and career pathway in mind is important, she also knows that it is ok to try a few different industries out, pursue your true passions and never feel as if you are locked into one career for the rest of your life.

Sally is passionate about helping ‘Gen Y’ and millennials navigate the often over-whelming career choices and decisions that are placed in front of them

“I believe that all students should be given access to accurate and professional career advice to enable them to seek out new careers, follow their passion and make sure that they know, it is ok to try new a new job or form of study, in order to reach their goals. Millennials are our future, they are not the same as the generations before them, and it is wrong of our companies and teachers to treat them the same, and limit their creativity”

As an experienced & qualified Career Counsellor with a passion for helping Australia’s youth achieve their goals, Sally wants to ensure that you are given the right career advice and guidance to ensure you work towards your true passion, and not towards a role or career that you have been pushed into or feel trapped in.

Sally doesn’t follow a standard model where you fill out forms or a standard personality profile and wish you good luck, Sally has real world experience in counselling and wants to get to know the real you first – it is her passion.

Why is it important to speak with a real & qualified Counsellor?

Let’s think of it like this, you would never take medical advice from an unqualified doctor and you would never let an inexperienced architect draw up plans for your new home – we believe that delivering career counselling and offering career guidance is no different!

Sally will offer you a difference perspective as she digs deep to understand you as a person, your passions, your goals, your background and your career ambitions. However, our work doesn’t stop there, Sally is always available for on-going guidance to help you achieve & true calling in life.

Would you like to meet with Sally or know more? Please call our friendly team on 07 3355 6688 for a confidential discussion.

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Our student counselling sessions are ideal for

  • Years 10 -12 students who need help choosing their pathway
  • Graduates who are not sure what they want to do, or how to go about it
  • Those who have just undertaken an apprenticeship or started a university degree and are unsure about the direction
  • Students who want to study but are not sure what
  • Students looking to start their own business
  • Students considering a ‘gap year’ or extended period of travel or leave

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