Are you dreading the thought of returning to work in 2018?

Throughout the festive season many of us use the spare time to unwind and reflect on the previous year whilst assessing career goals and working out whether we are happy in our current workplace.  This is the time many people make the decision that it is time for a career change!

New statistics reveal that from the age of 15 years old onwards, the average teenager will go onto have at least 5 career changes and potentially 17 different jobs in their lifetime, and you could argue that this will continue to increase into the future.

Therefore, we have listed the top 8 reasons that you need an immediate career change in 2018!

  1. Your perspective and life has changed completely:

As in life and with age, your perspective changes on everything from the clothes you wear to the food you eat, and even to the friends you hangout with, so why shouldn’t it change for your career?  The reality is that it does!

As our society is spoilt for choice we may come to realise that a position, qualification or title that you really wanted 2,5 or even 10 years ago simply doesn’t interest you anymore. Once your perspective changes for good it can be quite hard to keep the motivation levels high, and you need to consider exploring your true passion sooner rather than later

  1. You’re getting passed over for a promotion and career progression opportunities

From a work perspective, there can be nothing more frustrating than watching your peers progress into roles that you know you are perfect for, or you have earnt ahead of others.  This is common in different workplaces any can often come down to office politics and relationships rather than skills or qualifications. If this continues to happen and you have made unsuccessful efforts to seek the feedback as to why? then it may just be the perfect time to seek out a new career or role where you know you will be offered long term career progression opportunities.

  1. Your career is no longer a challenge

This is different from point ‘1’ as you will most likely still like or enjoy the career you chose, however for whatever reason you have become bored in your position or reached a point where the job is no longer a challenge. This can become common in high achievers who have reached goals ahead of time, or feel like they have reached the pinnacle in their chosen career. If this is the case a fresh challenge in a new career is often the only way forward to keep motivated.

  1. Your skills don’t match your position

You might have started a career with the best intentions, but the reality is you might not have the skills, drive or commitment to keep it up, let alone make any real progression e.g. a real estate agent without relationship building skills or police officer who can’t resolve conflict.  The reality is that if your talents don’t match the field you find yourself in you will never truly fit in or feel comfortable, and it is a good time to speak with a Career Change Counsellor about using your current skills in a new career that is more suitable.

  1. You anticipate your industry is falling behind

This is a very real threat in today’s society where the constant progression and automation of robots is fast making some industries and positions redundant. Technology is here to stay and will only become more apparent as corporations weigh up the cost and efficiency benefits of robots over humans e.g no sick days and less HR complaints.

If you work in an industry that has become overrun by automation or you feel this is on the horizon, it is an ideal time to speak with a Career Counsellor about the best move forward for your personal situation.

  1. You didn’t choose your current career

Occasionally we choose careers that we have no interest in e.g. financial desperation, a family connection or an unfortunate circumstance lead you down a path that you  didn’t foresee. If this is the case then this could be the best year yet to move careers into a role that you truly enjoy. Continuing to work in a career that you deplore is deeply unsatisfying, and with the right career change advice and a structured plan, 2018 could be the year you uncover and start work in your true passion.

  1. Your career is too stressful or you’re burnt out

Some careers are not meant to be easy, and require a certain level work ethic, emotional intelligence, stress management and motivational skills to ensure long term success.  There is no shame in trying something only to realise that it has become too much. What is more honourable is accepting that it’s not for you, and then making the smart decision to re-assess and move on to something new. If you started a career which is making you stressed out or burning you out to the point where you are not yourself, then it is definitely the right time to seek guidance and move careers, before it starts affecting your personal and home life.

  1. You need more money

This may sound like an obvious reason and needs to be put into context for each individual’s situation, however with general living expenses at an all-time high and income growth stagnant in Australia, many people need more money to survive. If you have pursued a salary increase with little success or you think you can apply your skills to a different industry and get paid more, then this is worth considering to ensure that you can keep the income required to live the life you want.

No career choice should be made lightly, especially when it effects your personal and family livelihood. You can book in a face to face or online career counselling session with our experienced Career Counsellors today by visiting our career development website or calling us on 07 3355 6688.