Graduate Career Counselling

Qualified Career Counsellors  can assist Graduates uncover the correct pathway

You might of spent months or years studying a specific course, qualification or degree, however deep down inside you still feel confused and anxious about where your career could be headed or is heading. Is it too late? Can you start again? What are your options?

If you are a recent, or soon to be graduate and this sounds familiar to you, then you are in need or a career counselling session with our qualified career practitioners.

We can help you uncover your true passion, discuss your best options and set you up with a career plan which will place you on the correct course, tailored to your individual circumstances.

The reality is that you need to uncover your true career passion(s) before making important life decisions, and it is crucial to pursue a career and work in a position and industry that you are suited to, and more importantly, is suited to your individual skill set and values.

You can speak with our qualified Career Counsellors about the best career plan for you and uncover the best pathway in one of our counselling sessions, which will enable to start working towards uncovering the correct career for YOU.

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